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Miss Black Arizona Pageant

Contestant Registration Information

Each contestant is responsible for paying a registration fee of $225.00. There are no other required expenses other than competing in Optional Categories for $10 each, or 10 for $75. While some contestants may choose to pay all fees themselves, we recommend that you enlist sponsors, which may include family. You will be able to list different sponsors in the event program book.

All sponsorship fees must be paid in full on or before your first deadline prior to pageant participation as outlined on your checklist.

Prior contestants wishing to enter into The Miss Black Arizona Pageant 2017 will receive a $125 discount bringing the amount due down to $100.00 (only if paid in full upon commitment of competing). No cash refunds will be issued.

Contestants will compete for title in the following categories:

  • Judges Interview
  • Personal Introduction & Stage Presence (Audible Delivery)
  • Theme Wear Modeling Competition
  • Talent Competition
  • Dress and Carriage Competition
  • On-stage Question and Answer Competition

Optional Category Competitions (based on payment of additional fees):

  • Miss Photogenic
  • Miss Personality
  • Best Talent
  • Best Theme Wear Modeling
  • Best Judges On-stage Interview
  • Lovely Dress
  • Prettiest Smile
  • Pageant Sweetheart
  • Miss Community Service
  • Director’s Choice (delivery)

To submit your Contestant Registration Fees please visit this page.