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Miss Black Arizona Pageant

You can play a part by donating funds, your time, and more.

The Miss Black Arizona Pageant system promotes self development, self-respect, personal improvement, community service in women and girls of color.

Participants find the pageant system is a platform for their voices, in a world where the loud chatter of controversy shuts out what our young women and girls have to say. Every pageant event is an opportunity for these future leaders to express themselves, and generate life-long memories and friendships.

Our contestants gain a close-up view of themselves, through their own personal looking glass.

It takes a village to raise a child, and to mentor a young woman. It takes a community to provide enough positivity that will serve as a foundation for greatness.

Donate what you can, as often as you can

Your donated dollars will go a very long way toward securing an amazing experience for each participant. Your donation will help to secure a very positive, rewarding and self-identifying experience for each participant.

A cash donation of ANY AMOUNT will go towards:

  • Facility Rental
  • Participation Trophies
  • Prizes and Awards
  • Gift Bags for every participant
  • Winners Royalty Adornment
  • Backstage Food and Beverages
  • Administrative Costs

Please submit your cash donations today using the secure PayPal on this page.

If your donation is an in-kind product or service, please complete the form HERE and send to us via email.

Be there to help out on pageant night

Join us as a volunteer on pageant weekend, as we usher our Royal Highnesses into greatness. Volunteers serve as chaperones/escorts, as backstage hands, and attend to the needs of the contestants while competing.

Volunteers play an important role during the Teen and Miss pageants by freeing-up pageant staff to manage the nuts-and-bolts of the event. Thanks to volunteers, family members of the contestants are free to enjoy the show, and cheer on their loved one.

After pageant night, other volunteer opportunities may arise where your talents can be applied to leading study groups, or providing skill-building workshops.

Please visit this page, put “Volunteering” in the Subject line, and express your interest in helping out.

Be sure to discuss with your tax preparer how donating to The Miss Black Arizona Pageant And Scholarship Foundation, Inc. could be used to reduce what you owe in taxes.

Thank you!